JB2017 - The Jerusalem Biennale

2nd October to 19th November 2017

26 Exhibitions and projects. The Jerusalem Biennale will take place this year for the 3rd time. The Biennale will host 25 exhibitions and projects from all around the world.

Museum of Underground Prisoners. 1 Mishol Hagevura Street, Jerusalem.

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Rosenbach Contemporary Gallery

2nd October - 19th November 2017

Parallel to the Biennale, a selection of Beverley-Jane’s work will also be exhibited at the Rosenbach Contemporary gallery in Jerusalem, 16 King David Street.

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Past Events

Cafe Philo Lecture Series

16th January 2016

Award winning artist, Beverley-Jane Stewart will present, ‘From Past to Present’; a fusion of fact, emotion and art. As part of the Cafe Philo Lecture Series, Beverley-Jane will give a glimpse into her unique style of visual storytelling, narrating the story of the Jews from past to present, showing how Jewish heritage operates in a contemporary society. She will present a selection of her work including her latest painting on Sir Moses Montefiore, the Story of the East End, Medieval Lincoln and others. Beverley-Jane has an honours degree in Education and Art from London University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her work can be seen at

Redbridge Jewish Cultural Society

11th October 2015

Beverley-Jane Stewart will give a glimpse into her unique style of visual story telling and the challenges of Jewish identity in Britain today in an historic context. She will also show a selection of other work, narrating the story of the Jews from past to present. The will also be a 30 minute Q&A session.

The Michael Sobell Lecture Series

18th June 2015

​Guest speaker Beverley-Jane Stewart will be speaking on ‘From past to present: A fusion of fact, emotion and art’ as part of the Michael Sobell Lecture Series.

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